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party balloonsHow to Plan a Great Party at a Great Venue

If you're planning a party, either for a corporate group or a birthday, you'll need to find the right bar. Here are 10 things you'll need to consider in order to get it right.

1. Firstly, you need to consider the occasion. If it is for a corporate bash, you'll no doubt want somewhere different to if it's a family party or friends celebrating an 18th birthday.

2. Choosing when you want the party for will be your next task. You may have a specific date in mind because of the occasion, or you may be flexible enough to consider a number of different dates.

3. Next, think about who you're inviting. A useful tip is to ask someone else to check over your list and make sure you haven't left anyone out.

4. You'll obviously need to narrow your search for a venue to one city. For instance, you may be looking for bars in Newcastle.

5. When you begin choosing a bar, it may be an idea to consider bars you already know well. However, recommendations from colleagues or friends could be just as useful.

6. You could also draw up a list of bars using a local business directory. There are many online directories that will provide useful information, including locations and web addresses.

7. If you require food for the party, visit the websites of the bars you have in mind and have a look at their menus.

8. Next, you'll need to check availability. You may require a private room or just an area within the bar. Either way, make sure they can accommodate you on the dates you've requested.

9. Cost will obviously be a consideration. Some venues may ask you to pay for the room in advance, others will be happy to take the money made on drinks if they know they are hosting a large group. Either way, make sure you're happy with their policy.

10. Finally, you'll need to ensure there is adequate transportation for the party guests, particularly for getting home afterwards.

If you do need to find bars in Newcastle, why not use an online directory? You could even use it to find nearby Newcastle takeaways for later in the evening.

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